Getting your car ready for the long haul

If you have a long journey, it is worth checking your car so that there are no unexpected problems and breakdowns along the way. If your car doesn’t need to be prepared for a long trip, but only needs to be reworked, then contact here:

First, carefully examine the tires. The tires will withstand a long trip if there is no damage and the tread has sufficient height. If it is worn and less than 3 mm, it is better to replace the tires. Do not forget about the “spare”, it must be in the car and be in good condition. The second “spare” will not be superfluous on very long trips. At the end of examination, bring pressure in tires up to the value specified by the manufacturer.

The second point is the balance of wheels. If the wheels are not balanced, the car vibrates at speed and the risk of suspension failure increases.

Therefore, try to have this procedure twice a year in a checked service station to avoid problems with suspension. Deviations are imperceptible at average speeds, so it’s better not to rely on your gut in this matter.

After that, check oil level in the engine and gearbox. If it’s time to change oil soon, do it before the trip. Check the cooling system to see if there are any leaks. If the coolant hasn’t been changed in a while, do it now. Ideally, change the air and fuel filters. Once again inspect and adjust everything that can be adjusted: belt tension, ignition, etc.

It is important to check the operation of the headlights and their correct adjustment, quality of the wipers and operation of the windshield washer.

Do not forget to estimate the condition of braking system of your car: pads must not be worn out yet, and “handbrake” is in order.

You will spend a lot of time in the car during a long trip, so it is good to change the cabin filter.

We recommend to take the following useful things on a trip:

a fire extinguisher;
a tow rope;
emergency sign;
first aid kit;
cigarette lighter wires;
set of automotive tools, etc.

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