Injection system malfunctions

Quite often the driver of a car, especially a new one, has to deal with malfunctions of the injection system: from the banal clogging of injectors to serious malfunctions in the electronics. And sometimes they ask the question where to take old license plates.

Malfunctions in the injection system appear due to various reasons. However, we can distinguish the following main causes of malfunctions:

limit of service life o

f the structural elements of the system;
Technical defects (marriage) of structural elements;
violation of operating rules (use of low-quality gasoline, contamination of the system, etc.);
external influences on the structural elements (oxidation of contacts, mechanical damage, moisture in electronic components, etc.).
The most reliable way to determine the faults of the injection system is computer diagnostics. This type of diagnostics is based on automatic recording of deviations of system parameters from standard values (so called self-diagnostic mode). The detected discrepancies are stored in the memory of the electronic control unit in the form of certain fault codes. When carrying out diagnostics, special equipment (scanner or personal computer with program and cable) is connected to the diagnostic connector, which reads the fault codes. In addition to special equipment, conducting computer diagnostics requires knowledge and skills.

Diagnosis of malfunctions of the injection system can be carried out by external signs. This type of diagnosis is used in cases where computer (technical) diagnostics is not available, as well as for the preliminary diagnosis of malfunctions.

When carrying out diagnostic work, remember that unprofessional intervention in the injection

system can damage components and significantly complicate further repairs.

External signs of malfunction of the injection system can be divided into the following groups:

signs when starting the engine (the engine does not start; difficulty starting the engine; the engine stalls after starting);
signs of idling (unstable engine operation at idle – unstable revolutions, shaking, intermittency);
signs in the car movement (engine malfunction during acceleration, constant crankshaft speed, engine braking; engine power reduction; increased fuel consumption).

It should be noted that the listed external signs are manifested in the occurrence of malfunctions of various structures of the injection system. These signs also accompany fuel system malfunctions, ignition system malfunctions.


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