Specifics of manual transmission diagnostics

Despite the high prevalence of automatic transmissions and industrial equipment removal, “mechanical” is still widespread. There are several reasons for this phenomenon:

Drivers’ habit of manual transmissions;
More opportunities for experienced drivers to show their driving skills;
Cars with a manual transmission are cheaper than those with an automatic transmission;
Fuel consumption for a car with a “manual” is lower than for an automatic;
possibility of starting “from a push start”, etc.
An additional bonus is the lower cost of repair of manual transmission in comparison with an automatic.

“Mechanics” – the unit, which for many decades brought to perfection, but this does not mean that it fails. Frequent operation in conjunction with the poor quality of Russian roads will affect the transmission, and it will have to be repaired.

Diagnostics of the gearbox
The manual transmission is a complex device, often equipped with electronics. Before starting repair work, it is important to pay attention to the diagnosis of this element. Carry it out, as well as the computer diagnostics of the car, entrust to an experienced service employee. His knowledge and experience will help to determine what exactly is the cause of malfunction of transmission.

For quick and exact answer to this question, describe in detail the symptoms, accompanying the breakdown of “box”. It seldom breaks down at once, it is preceded by noises from inside. They indicate the imminent failure of one of the parts of the unit.

There are several possible causes of extraneous sounds in the transmission. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Noises in the primary shaft bearing. To avoid confusing them with noises in the release bearing, press on the clutch. With the pedal depressed, the noise should go away.
Transmission noises due to overheated gears due to lack of oil, or poor quality bearings.
Extraneous sounds with tapping accompany wear and breakdown of gears. Such defect is the consequence of abrupt driving style and is typical for Nivs.
Difficulty when switching gears becomes a consequence of rod wear, jamming of gears, loosening of the locking bolts of the fork, etc.
Sometimes the gear shifts off by itself. This is typical for Russian-made 5-speed boxes. 4th or 5th gear is knocked out due to gearbox units wear.
Noises in the neutral position of transmission (when it is working) are caused by a low oil level in the box. In fact, without oil, the parts wear out and make extraneous noises.
The noise when engaging a gear will be the result of the wear of the gear teeth and clutches, locking ring, etc.
As it is clear from the above mentioned, the most frequent reason of transmission failure is a lack of oil in it. As a result, the parts wear out faster, which leads to a breakdown. That’s why it’s so important to check its level regularly and make sure there are no leaks.

Diagnosis of the gearbox in the service includes:

checking the degree of wear of “box” parts, seals, bearings, the condition of the synchronizers and the amount of oil;
inspection of shafts, selection fork, gears and needle bearings.
Regular inspection of the transmission will allow it to work for a long time, save time and financial expenses for its repair in case of lack of supervision.

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