The affordable electric car from BMW

Is a reliable, high-quality and, most importantly, affordable electric car a reality? Yes!” say employees of a research project called Visio.M, who have already begun to develop a new vehicle. The process is being overseen by BMW Group as well as the German Federal Ministry of Science and Education, having invested almost 11 million euros in the future electric cars. In addition, the old car can be recycled for money. Read how to scrap your car in ontario.

Mass production of electric cars has a number of advantages over their gasoline counterparts. The silent operation of the engine, the absence of exhaust fumes, the saving of money on fuel are just some, weighty pluses of the new mode of transport.

Unfortunately, at this point there are a number of problems that need to be analyzed and solved. For example, one aspect of the electric vehicle is compactness. But previous concepts have not been tested on the level of safety, and, accordingly, could not be put “on stream”. If you make an electric car in the standard car size, then this vehicle becomes, as they say, “unaffordable”, due to the increase in capacity and, accordingly, the dimensions of the battery. Therefore, scientists at the Technical University of Munich, working on the project, are looking to make an electric car that will be compact, safe, and most importantly affordable so that this type of transport has become a staple in the daily life of cities. Besides, it is not always easy to buy spare parts for ele

ctric-powered foreign cars.

The solution to the problem was the idea to create a low-power electric motor with no more than 20 horsepower and weighing about 400 pounds, excluding the weight of the battery. The prototype is the already existing model, called “mute”. If the id

ea comes to life, the electric car

will have small dimensions, will not be expensive, and will easily pass the safety inspection in accordance with the requirements of the European category L7e.

The use of electric cars as the main mode of transportation will have a positive impact on the environmental situation, because any metropolis is filled with exhaust gases that we breathe. In addition, there is no need for fuel, which could theoretically have a positive impact on the preservation of natural resources of the planet. Moreover, this vehicle will have a more attractive design, appearance, and smaller size than its current gasoline brethren. We can only hope for the success of the Visio.M project scientists and wish good luck to BMW.

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