The simplest methods of engine diagnostics

Once upon a time, to identify problems with a car, it was necessary to disassemble the vehicle. Now everything is much simpler – even such a complex procedure as engine diagnostics can be performed by a non-selective method. Computers and additional equipment are used for this purpose. And the easiest way to get a lot of money for an old car is to contact the company:

What is included in the computer diagnostics procedure
Some of the problems with the engine can be identified even by ear, although this requires some experience in working with cars. However, the “acoustic” method does not allow you to detect failures in electronic systems.

Computer diagnostics helps to identify malfunctions with the starter, generator, coils, wires, candles, and much more.

In the process, all sensors are checked and service settings are updated. One of the most important procedures is to read and reset the error codes in the electronic control unit. This method was developed relatively recently, but thanks to it it is possible to eliminate even subtle defects. Statistics say that half of the problems with the engine are caused not by “hardware” malfunctions, but by defects in the control system.

Types of engine diagnostics
basic. The simplest option, during which scanners are connected to the control unit, studying the main indicators and finding deviations from the norm;
extended. The need for it arises if we are talking about the latest cars, in which the electronic control unit switches to the mode of limited controllability in case of a malfunction. In this case, the sensors are set to a constant value, and the standard study does not give anything. To eliminate the problem, it is necessary to analyze the state of all electronic components.
Breakage detection devices
Multimeter. With this device, the value of DC and AC voltage, resistance, temperature, engine speed, the state of transistors and diodes, and much more are measured. There are advanced models that can be used to fix the resulting value to simplify repairs. A multimeter is one of the most common diagnostic products.
Pressure gauge. This device helps to measure the pressure level of gas and liquid. To obtain the most accurate result, an electronic pressure meter is used, which greatly simplifies the process. Thanks to its compatibility with numerous adapters, this technique can be used when working with any car.
Mototester. One of the most complex diagnostic devices. Modern models count high-purity pulses in the ignition system. The motor tester is connected to a computer, since it does not have the ability to display the results independently. Using this technique, specialists determine the voltage and current levels as accurately as possible. Thanks to it, malfunctions in the fuel supply, gas distribution and ignition systems are detected.


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