Typical “expensive” breakdowns of modern used cars

When buying a used car, hoping that such a car will not break down and not have any problems will be wrong. Any used car has certain breakdowns that cause certain troubles to the car owner. It is about the typical malfunctions of used cars that we will talk about in this article and scrap cars for cash.

Air conditioner malfunctions
Usually, during the operation of the car, the air conditioning system has an increased load, so it is not uncommon for air conditioners to require serious repairs on a used car. This is not only the need to restore the radiator, but also the replacement of the drive, control knobs, sensors and various screens.

Battery malfunctions
On average, the battery lasts 5-7 years, after which the battery needs to be replaced. Naturally, if a car is to be sold, no car owner will buy a new battery, but will try to sell a car with such a worn-out battery. As a result, when purchasing a used car, you should be prepared for the fact that the car’s battery will already have a bad hold, and soon it will need to be replaced.

Transmission breakdowns
Gearboxes, especially automatic machines, variators and robots, have a significant load during the operation of a car, therefore, by a run of 100-150 thousand, the transmission may already require repair or replacement. Unfortunately, such repairs are quite expensive, and if the automatic transmission requires a major restoration, then in such a case, the car owner’s expenses increase significantly.

Power unit malfunctions
The days when engines on foreign cars ran half a million kilometers without overhaul have long since sunk into oblivion. There are often such situations when modern forced turbocharged engines require bulkheads and overhaul already at a mileage of 150-200 thousand. You do not need to think that a used car will not have any malfunctions of the power unit; it may well be necessary to change a damaged cylinder head or an extended timing chain.

Optical problems
As the car is operated, microdamages will appear on the glass or plastic of the headlights, which leads to clouding of the optics. Such headlights illuminate the road worse, the car owner will need to think about restoring the optics. Fortunately, such work is not difficult, you can do it yourself or by contacting a specialized service.

Breakdown of all-wheel drive
The all-wheel drive transmission usually has significant loads, the multi-plate clutch, gearboxes, axles and other elements of the chassis may fail. As a result, on a mileage of about 100-150 thousand, a major overhaul of the drive is already required, and such costs are quite high and should be included in the purchase price of a car.

Let’s sum up
When choosing used cars, you must remember that there are no guarantees for such a car, and it will be impossible to exclude its possible breakdowns. Typical faults for used cars are four-wheel drive breakdowns, transmission and engine problems, air conditioner failure, battery replacement or optics polishing.

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